A Fast-Track Renovation

Dining RoomOur company was recently contacted by the owner of a rental property in Chapel Hill where a tenant had moved out after having leased the property for a few years and, needless to say, the home was very much in need of some work in order to restore it to a condition where it could be shown and rented again.

Many people think that all home renovation projects involve tearing out entire rooms, walls, flooring etc. and generally making a big mess that takes months to clean-up and complete.  Not so in many cases.

Merriam-Webster defines the word RENOVATE as follows: “To restore to a former better state as by cleaning, repairing or rebuilding.”

Notice that the first two terms used in the definition (cleaning and repairing) don’t involve making a mess at all, but rather describe the process of cleaning-up a mess.  Such is the case with this “fast-track renovation” which was performed by Big Woods Remodeling Co.

The phone call from the property’s owner came on a Thursday evening and we met with him the following day to walk-through the house and to hear from him what his desires and priorities were regarding what needed to be done.  The paint on the walls and interior trim were obviously the biggest priority as there were scuffs, dents in the drywall, crayon/ink marks on walls, and also some walls and ceilings partially painted with the wrong color of paint…  Also on the list were multiple interior doors that needed to be adjusted in order to operate and latch properly, the sliding-glass patio door lock was broken,
towel-racks/toilet paper holders/door bumpers missing or broken, light fixtures needed replacement, and several other interior and exterior items were discussed including power washing the mold from the exterior trim and siding.  The owner also indicated to us that it was imperative that this work be done ASAP as he was only in town for another week and wanted all repair work completed before he left!

By Saturday evening we had provided estimates and made contractual agreements to handle all of the necessary repair work.  Monday morning came and our top-notch painting crew was on-site and working on prepping the walls and the work began on the application of new interior paint for 90% of this 3500+ square-foot house.  They worked steadily throughout the week as did our “in-house” carpenters and others.  On Friday, all work was completed; a cleaning crew had been through the house and it just sparkled!  Also installed was an automatic dehumidifier in the basement to permanently control any moisture issues.

This job was another absolute success for a homeowner in the Jordan Hill neighborhood and for Big Woods Remodeling Co. and, per the owner’s requirements, we had finished within just 7 days of our initial meeting!

Remember:  Sometimes the word RENOVATE doesn’t mean tearing things apart, but rather putting them back together!  Look for more interesting articles and project updates on this site soon!

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