Weather-Damaged And Rotten Wood Replacement

An example of our company’s repair work:

The photos show wood columns, supporting a very heavy deck and gable roof on the front porch of a local house.  Until we removed some of the wood trim around the columns, the owner was unaware of the extent of the damage and the potentially dangerous situation.

All of the (8) columns were removed and replaced with new fiberglass Polycast structural columns, and all of the decorative trim, including column bases, capitals and mouldings, was replaced with PVC materials.  These new columns and trim materials will not rot and are covered by an extended warranty.

Rotten, weather-damaged wood, whether part of the framing, or the siding and trim on the exterior of your house, should be replaced.

If you see or suspect damaged and/or rotten wood within or on your house, call us for a free estimate.  Below is a photo of the completed job, after painting.  The owner of this home is very satisfied with the work that we performed.

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