A Passive-Solar, Energy Efficient Home

Big Woods Remodeling recently built a new custom home in Chatham County, NC.  This home is small in size (1,000 Sq. Ft.) and extremely energy efficient.

The house makes use of South-facing (non low-e) casement windows and a sliding glass door to warm the concrete floor in winter months, providing thermal mass.  The temperature of the concrete remains stable and consistent, partly due to 1″ thick rigid foam insulation beneath the entire slab.  The concrete floor was finished with a 3-color acid-etching process, and then sealed.

Large roof overhangs provide the needed shade in warmer months, while 6″ exterior walls are filled with dense-pack cellulose insulation and covered with 1″ thick rigid foam insulation on the exterior.  A 3/4″ airspace was provided between the rigid insulation and the siding to allow for “thermal break”.

Siding is cement-based Hardie Siding and all exterior trim (fascia, frieze, battens etc) is Miratec, a composite product which is rot-resistant.

The attic has a depth of 24″ R-50 blown insulation, and the house has a concealed-duct mini-split heating/cooling system, which is extremely energy efficient.

Interior trim is natural Pine, and the drywall corners are rounded-over by use of “bullnose” corners.  See more photos of this house below.

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