“This Spring (2013), Big Woods Remodeling added a room to our house and designed and built a covered entryway for our front door. Our experience was 100% positive. All work was completed on time and within the scope of the pre-agreed budget. The overall process of obtaining permits, arranging inspections, and orchestrating subcontractors ran like clockwork. The subcontractors that are part of their team (electrical, plumbing, mechanical, etc)  were personable and fully competent, and their work was first rate. The quality of materials used for both jobs was more than satisfactory, and the finished product exceeded our expectations. If you need a residential building contractor, contact Big Woods Remodeling first.”

–Moira Breen & Nick Puryear, Durham  NC


“October 2014, our new house construction project was in total disarray because of a reckless general contractor.
Big Woods Remodeling came to our rescue. Within the next two months our house was finished in a professional,
efficient and cost-effective manner. We must extend a big thank you to Big Woods Remodeling for their excellent work.”

Monika and Piotr, Durham NC

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